Iron Horse Repair offers both short term and long term rentals with the option of leasing trucks for business that operate box/refrigeration trucks. Our 20+ fleet is slowly expanding and includes sprinter vans, 16' - 23' refrigerated or non refrigerated box trucks. Our mechanics service all trucks to insure quality and dependability.

Sprinter Vans

Stand up sprinter vans that are for smaller moves. Able to stand straight up with ease and lots of head room. Long enough to fit a full size couch, bed, surfboard, etc.

16', 18', 23' Box Trucks  - Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated with lift gates

Box trucks that have reefer units attached to them so there is an option for cooling as well. Great for moving, parties, events, etc. all trucks come with lift gates for easy moving.

Long Term Leasing

Iron Horse Repair offers long term leasing on trucks as an option for many businesses on Maui. Our long term leasing comes with a number of benefits that other leasing companies do not. When signing a leased contract all of your trucks leased through Iron Horse, come with mechanical repair coverage, paid registration and safety fees, reduced pricing and the security of having confidence and dependability in the trucks being operated, any mechanical issues are addressed immediately by Iron Horse Repair.

Please contact us for pricing!

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